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Update: 3rd May, 2011
We have finished testing this mod.

New Features:
Upon activating this mod, go to New Game. Name yourself
"Emperor Uriel Septim".
You will find that you have Uriel's items, factions, class, and face. You will also have a key named "Imperial Palace Key", and a crystal ball named "Speak Options"
(Remember to deactivate this mod before switching back to your normal character, as data may be altered.)

Speak Options:
Hotkey the crystal ball to get these options.

The "Hello/Random" menu option will make you say a greeting, or a random phrase in Emperor Uriel's voice.

The "Warning" menu option will make you say a warning to another character in Emperor Uriel's voice.

The "Encourage/Other" menu option will make you say a phrase such as "Come closer, I would prefer not to shout"
in Emperor Uriel's voice.

The "Set Alert (Blades)" Menu option will make your blades draw their swords and make a defensive stance to protect you.

The "Unset Alert" Menu option will make your blades put their weapons away.

The "Remove Bounties & Infamy" menu option will restore you, and your blades' fame and bounties to their original state.

You blades are programed to fight anyone that provokes you (or them). If you get a bounty, they will automatically acquire a bounty as well. If you loose your bounty, they will automatically loose their bounty as well.

The Emperor's Chamber is equipped with a bed, library, storage space, one bottle of Shadow Banish Wine, Emperor's Robes & Shoes, 2 Silver Shortswords, and a set of the hidden Emperor's Armor, fully equipable, like the Amulet of Kings.

Other Features:

- Better Scripting (Less Problems)
- Imperial Bodyguards to assist you.
- Baurus, Glenroy, and Renault to assist you.
- Emperor's Bedroom
- Stabilized guards

We hope you will return here in the near future! - B&L Administration

Installation: Extract all files to:
C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data
or download the installer version of the file instead.

(Readme Included)

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks, for the creation of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and the T.E.S. Construction Set, and the wonderful voice acting of Patrick Stewart.

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